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City Gardens Nightclub Punk Cards

Artists have created products from the old City Gardens Nightclub Punk Cards. The Punk Cards were postcards with a list of upcoming shows. The early cards were good for $1 off admission and they would punch the card at the door.

City Gardens Nightclub Punk Card Posters and t-shirts

Punk Card Skate Board Decks are […]

City Gardens Nightclub Photography

Ken Salerno has compiled thousands of photographs and had backstage access to many City Gardens nightclub shows. A picture book is scheduled to be released in 2013. See a sampling of his pictures at the links below:

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City Gardens Nightclub Videos

Some videos exist of the old City Gardens Nightclub. Here are some links:

The Fall 6/12/81 | More

The Cramps 6/26/81

The Cramps 11/3/82 | More

The Stick Men 1983

Nash the Slash 2/21/83

Sickidz 3/5/83

Husker Du 3/25/84 (no audio)

Suicidal Tendencies 9/26/84

Dead Kennedys 4/28/85 | Dead Kennedys 1985| Complete Sound Board Recording […]

City Gardens Book

The City Gardens Book: “No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes” is an oral history of 80’s-era alternative, metal and punk rock music told through the portal of one club—Trenton, New Jersey’s legendary City Gardens. Read an excerpt here. The web site for the book is at Facebook page for the City Gardens […]

City Gardens Film

Steve Tozzi and Payfort Productions is producing a documentary about the The City Gardens Nightclub in Trenton called Riot on the Dance Floor. He started a Kickstarter project that received donations of almost twice the goal. The web site for the film is at | Merchandise Stand (tshirts, posters, promo records, collector skateboard City […]