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City Gardens Film

Steve Tozzi and Payfort Productions is producing a documentary about the The City Gardens Nightclub in Trenton called Riot on the Dance Floor.  He started a Kickstarter project  that received donations of almost twice the goal.  The web site for the film is at | Merchandise Stand (tshirts, posters, promo records, collector skateboard City Gardens punk card deck).  Production Blog.  The Facebook page for the City Gardens film and book is at the No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes page.

Steve Tozzie has worked on several projects such as:

A 6 minute movie preview was created for the Kickstarter project and a 2-minute movie trailer has been produced.  The full length movie is due in 2013.

2-minute Trailer:

6-Minute Preview (click here for a higher resolution version at Vimeo):

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